From work to school in Safi | a vandervan film
A short film for FNV, a Dutch trade union.
This film is about young Moroccans who return to school after years of child labour.


The Trumpeter | Marco Blaauw | a vandervan film
A nine-minute pilot episode for a series about trumpeters, called "Global Breath", which is an initiative of trumpeter Marco Blaauw who travels around the globe in order to find the untold stories of trumpeters.


The Urushi bicycle | a vandervan film
Vandervan followed bike designer/builder Herman van Hulsteijn during the fabrication of his limited edition ‘Urushi bicycle’ for Sotheby’s. 


Naar de Letter | a portrait of Ben Joosten | Edit and motion design by DNVDK
I portrayed graphic artist Ben Joosten for an upcoming exhibition in the Valkhof Museum in Nijmegen. This film was finished by Vandervan, founded in 2012,  which is a collaboration between me and motion designer Daan van Dijk.
This film was selected for the ‘GoShort film festival’ in 2012.



Spijkerbroek I: Introducing Het Spijkerkwartier | A Vandervan Film
Property developer Edwin Oostmeijer commissioned a short film about one of the older quarters in Arnhem called ‘Het Spijkerkwartier’ to give the future owners of his apartments an impression of the neighbourhood. So far this has resulted in a series of four portraits of the people working and living in ‘Het Spijkerkwartier’.


Spijkerbroek II: Sunflowers | a vandervan film
The second film for Edwin Oostmeijer about ‘Het Spijkerkwartier’.
The film features dozens of children from a nearby school who are planting sunflowers in the spring of 2012.




Spijkerbroek IV: Harvesting Festival | a vandervan film
The third film for Edwin Oostmeijer is about an organic garden which is laid out and maintained by the residents of ‘Het Spijkerkwartier’. One day a large residential building project will arise on this piece of land.


Spijkerbroek III: Organic Garden | a vandervan film
This is the fourth in our series of short impressions of Spijkerbroek, a development area in the centre of Arnhem, where  residents are currently working on their organic garden.